The 71st Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry




A Change of Beginning Date of Abstract Submission

The beginning date of abstract submission is changed to July 11, following the extension of presentation application period.

(2020/07/07 11:46 AM)

予告: オンライン発表用スライドのアップロード期限のご連絡




Prior Notice: The deadline of uploading presentation slides

As already announced, the presentation will be made with a PDF file (up to nine pages, and one page should be less than 10 MB) prepared from a MS Power Point file in A4-slide horizontal format. To the presentation slides, the following protection functions will be applied.

・Protection of File Download
・Protection of File Print
・Protection of Text Copy

Because it takes two weeks to set the above-mentioned functions, the presenters are requested to upload the presentation slides by August 28th (Fri) according to a procedure announced later.

(2020/07/03 5:49 PM)

発表申込締切日 延長のお知らせ


Extension of the Deadline for Application of Presentation

The deadline for application of presentation was extended until July 10

(2020/07/03 5:37 PM)