The 71st Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

Registration & Submission

Step 1. Create Account

You are asked to create an account with Confit Systems at the following wesite ‘Registration’ for application of presentation, abstract submission, and payment of registration fee. After creating the account, you will receive an automatic E-mail confirmation. If you do not receive it, please check the spam folder of your email software or if you correctly input your E-mail address.

Registration (English version):

Step 2. Application of Presentation (June 3 - July 7 July 10 (extended))

Please ‘Log In’ with your Confit account on the ‘Registration’ website mentioned above. Then, please click ‘Registration’ on the 71st Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, and on the page opened by the click ‘Create New Submission’ according to instructions. All presenters are required to submit a short abstract (within 100 words in English) along with presenters’ names and affiliations, presentation title, keywords, and so on by July 7.

Step 3. Abstract Submission (July 7 July 11 - 31)

After receipt of acceptance notice of your applied presentation from the organizing committee, a full abstract (A4 paper, 1 page) should be prepared by using a template downloaded from the website below and submitted in PDF format through your ‘Registration’ website in the period from July 7 to 31.



Step 4. Payment of Registration Fee
Registration period:   Credit Card      August 3 - September 4
                                  Bank Transfer   August 3 - August 28

The extension period is set for the credit card payment:
September 7 (15:00) - September 16.
Please note that the registration fee during the extension period is different from that during the pre-registration period. This extension is NOT available for the bank transfer payment.

The procedures of registration fee payment should also be carried out through your ‘Registration’ website.
Participants from overseas are recommended to make the payment with a credit card of Visa, Master, JCB, Amex, or Diners. A processing fee (typically a few %, depending on your credit card) is applied for the payment.

Domestic participants can select either credit card or bank transfer payment. For the latter case, information on the bank account for payment is shown in the application process on the website.

For both cases, payments will be processed through GMO Payment Gateway, Inc.
・ Please complete payment by the deadline. If not, the corresponding presentation(s) will be canncelled.

Registration Fee 

Classification /Items
  Pre-registration period (~9/4) Extension period (9/7~16)
DCSC Member 7,000 JPY 10,000 JPY
Partner Organization Member 10,000 JPY 15,000 JPY
General (Non Member)  12,000 JPY 18,000 JPY
Student (DCSC Member)  2,000 JPY 3,000 JPY
Student (Partner Organization Member) 2,000 JPY 3,000 JPY
Student (Non Member) 5,000 JPY 7,500 JPY
Senior DCSC Member (Retiree)
2,000 JPY 3,000 JPY
Overseas Participants*
General 5,000 JPY 7,500 JPY
Student 2,000 JPY 3,000 JPY
(*) These registration fees are applied to international participants from Japanese university, institute, company, and so on, irrespective of membership.


If you have any question and/or request, please contact the registration desk (E-mail: