The 71st Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

- Evening Seminar

Online Event

Evening Seminar, The 71st Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Interface Science Chemistry 

--Sponsored by Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd.--

Time : 15th, September 17:00~18:00 (Japan time)  

Speaker :  Prof. Piero Baglioni     University of Florence, Italy
Title :  Colloid and Surface Chemistry for the Conservation of Culture Heritage ~Combination of Small Angle Scattering~ 

Abstract : 
In this lecture I will review the most meaningful achievements of my group in this field, focusing on the application of colloidal dispersions of increasing complexity, from nanoparticles to o/w microemulsions to semi-interpenetrating hydrogels containing o/w microemulsions. These systems have been used on artifacts of the most diverse origins, from Renaissance frescoes to Picasso and Pollock. I will show how chemical and colloidal design can be implemented to meet the requirements of the end-users (restorers) and how precise knowledge of structure, dynamics and interfacial interactions can contribute to overcome the traditional serendipitous approach used by conservators. Finally, I will try to summarize the main perspectives that this field can disclose for the colloid community. 

Registration Fee: Free
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