The 72nd Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a daycare center?

A. There is no nursery at the symposium venue.

Q. Do presenter qualifications include corporate members of sponsoring organizations?

A. Except for presenters of invited lectures, the presenters of symposiums and general research presentations are limited to division members, members of the Chemical Society of Japan, or members of the Sponsoring Academic Society (including individuals belonging to corporate members or equivalent group members).

Q. What is the tax classification of the registration fee?

A. Registration for participation in the Colloid and Surface Chemistry Symposium is tax-inclusive, regardless of whether you are a member of a division or a non-division. (Please note that it is not treated as a tax exemption for members like the Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan.)

Q. What is the student membership of the sponsoring society and the registration fee?

A. Although the participation of student members of the Chemical Society of Japan and the supporting society who are not members of the Division is permitted, the registration fee is 5,000 yen for students (non-members).

The annual membership fee of division for students is ¥ 1,500 / year, so the total membership fee (¥ 3,000 for student members) is ¥ 4,500.

Please consider entering the division.

Click here for membership information.

Q. If the same student makes both a poster and an oral presentation, can I enter both the poster award and the oral award?

A. Regardless of the type of presentation, when two or more presentations are done, the content of the presentation must be clearly different, so it is assumed that the content will be different between the poster and the oral presentations.

Therefore, in this case, we will accept the submission of both presentations because the content of the research subject to review is different.

However, for a master course student's oral lecture award entry, one candidate is required for one laboratory in principle.

Q. Is it possible to copy files between participants?

A. It is possible for participants to copy files. However, if you have not registered or have not paid the registration fee, it is prohibited to obtain a password from another person.