The 72nd Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry

Registration & Submission

Creating Account

  • Regardless of your participation category, you are asked to create an account with Confit System at the following website ‘Registration’. Through the account, you can apply for presentation, submit abstract, and pay a registration fee.
  • Please keep your account ID and password, which are necessary for changing your registered information.
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Presentation Application and Abstract Submission


Oral presentation     June 11 (Fri), 2021  18(Fri) until noon of 22 (Tue) (extended!) (closed)
Poster presentation  June 30 (Fri), 2021 (closed)
International Symposium(Oral Presentation only) June 30 (Fri), 2021 (closed)
  • For the abstract submission, you will be asked to create your own account with Confit Systems.
  • After the completion of creating account, the presenter can apply for presentation and submit abstract.
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee that a speaker’s choice regarding session/symposium entered with the abstract submission will be granted.
  • You can amend your abstract and submission information by logging in to your account anytime prior to the submission deadline. No change will be accepted after the deadline.
  • The presentation number will be notified by the end of July.

Steps of Presentation Application and Abstract Submission

1)  Authors / Affiliations

Affiliations: Please enter the affiliations of all authors.
Authors: Please enter names and affiliations of all authors.

2) Presentation Information

Preferred Presentation Style: Please select one of Oral Presentation, Poster Presentation, Invited Lecture, and International Symposium (Only Oral Presentation).
Preferred Session/Symposium: Please select one.
Presentation language: Please select Japanese or English.
Presentation Title: The title should be within 30 words in English.
Short Abstract: Should be within 100 words in English.
Keywords: Please provide at least three keywords.
Contact Information of Supervisor (Only Student): A student is required to enter the contact information of their supervisor (name, E-mail address, phone number).
Poster Award/Oral Presentation Award for Young Scientist: In order to be eligible, please select one of the awards and enter your birth date.
Remarks: If you have any special requests on your presentation, such as inconvenient day(s) for your presentation during the meeting period and wishing to give a series of presentations consecutively from your research group, please notify. In the case of the consecutive presentations, please write authors' name and title of presentation before your presentation.

3) Abstract Upload

Please prepare your abstract using the template file (MS-WORD) and convert it into PDF format. Please note that the size of the abstract PDF file must be less than 5MB.

4) Confirmation

Please confirm registered information, and if OK please click ‘Submit’.

Poster Award / Oral Presentation Award for Young Scientist

Poster Award

Applicant: The applicant should be a university student (e.g. graduate or undergraduate student) or a researcher in university, institute, or company and younger than 36 years old as of April 1, 2021.
Judging: The judging of the award will be carried out in the following two stages. In the first stage, the eligible paper will be evaluated by the abstract submitted. The applicants who have passed the first stage will be evaluated by thier presentaiton at the poster session by adjudicators chosen by the organizing committee.
Application: Please select 'Apply for Poster Award' and provide the date of birth at the application site, in order to be eligible.  

Oral Presentation Award for Young Scientist

Applicant: The applicant should be a graduate student or a researcher in university, institute, or company aged 36 years old or younger as of April 1, 2021. Please note that, as a rule, only one Master's course student per supervisor can apply for the award.
Evaluation: The evaluation will be conducted on the basis of abstract and presentation.
Application: Please select 'Apply for Oral Presentation Award for Young Scientist' and provide the date of birth at the application site, in order to be eligible.   
Note: Winners will be asked to introduce their researches on the quarterly newsletter of DSDC 'C&I Communication'.

Abstract Submission

  • Please prepare your abstract using the template file (A4 sheet, 1 page) in MS word format, which can be downloaded from the website below. Then, convert it into a PDF file and submit through your account by the deadline.
  • No change in abstract will be accepted after the submission deadline.

Abstract Book

  • Submitted abstracts will be published in the form of abstract book.
  • The abstract book will be provided as a PDF file. The participants of the meeting can also buy a printed abstract book for 5,000 JPY. Please select ‘Meeting Participant’ in ‘Printed Abstract Book (Option)’at the Registration site If you want to purchase the printed abstract.
  • The abstract book will be deposited in the National Diet Library in the booklet or electronic form.
  • The copyright of submitted abstract belongs to Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, The Chemical Society of Japan.
  • The abstracts will not be made available to the public except in the manner described above at the moment, but may be open to the public on the web after a certain period of time.


Earlybird  June 1 (Tue) -  August 2 (Mon), 2021  (closed)
Regular  August 3 (Tue) - September 17 (Fri), 2021  (closed)
  • The registration fee payment should also be carried out through your account.
  • Participants from overseas are encouraged to pay the registration fee by credit card. A Visa, Master, JCB, Amex, or Diners card can be used for the online payment. Please note that a processing fee is applied for payment.
  • Domestic participants can select either credit card or bank transfer payment. For the bank transfer, information on the bank account for payment will be shown in the application process on the website.
  • Please complete payment by the deadline. If not, the corresponding presentation(s) will be cancelled.

Registration Fee

If you make registration as ‘General’, ‘Student’, ‘Senior’, or ‘Foreign Nationality’, of the following table, you can attend all the sessions and symposiums including International Symposium.
If you are invited participant, please make registration as ‘Invited Participant (Free)’. You can attend all the sessions and symposiums including International Symposium.
If you would like to participate only in International Symposium, please select ‘Participant Only in International Symposium (Free)’. In this case, you can attend only the International Symposium and obtain an abstract book for presentations in the International Symposium.

DCSC: Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry.
CSJ: The Chemical Society of Japan.

Classification / Items
Registration Fee 
(including tax)
Early-bird Rate
June 1 (Tue) – Aug 2 (Mon)
Regular Rate
Aug 3 (Tue) –  Sep 17 (Fri)

DCSC Member ¥10,000 ¥15,000
CSJ / Partner Organization Member ¥15,000 ¥20,000
Non Member ¥18,000 ¥23,000

DCSC Member ¥3,000 ¥7,000
CSJ / Partner Organization Member ¥3,000 ¥7,000
Non Member ¥7,500 ¥11,500
Senior*1 DCSC Member ¥3,000 ¥7,000
Foreign Nationality*2 General ¥7,500 ¥11,500
Student ¥3,000 ¥7,000
Invited Participant (Free) *3
Participant Only in International Symposium (Free)

*1 DCSC members aged 60 years old or over with no steady job.
*2 International participant with foreign nationality from overseas and Japanese university, institute, company, and so on, irrespective of membership.
*3 The participants appointed by the organizers.


If you have any question and/or request, please contact the registration support.