Eleventh International Conference of Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications (IFSA2019)


“River Cruising” The excursion boat tour at Osaka-Minami (South area of Osaka)
Time, date; 26th (Thur), Sep, 2019, 16:00~(before conference dinner)
Fee: For free

Before the conference dinner, we will have IFSA2019 boat tour at Osaka-Minami river from the conference site to near the Banquet site. It takes about 2 hours. Since the number of embarkation is limited by boat capacity, we will close the invitation when the full amount is reached. Please register in the registration web form “River Cruising” if you wish to join in it.
In Meiji –period (1868-1912) Osaka was developed by water transportation, and called “City of water”. There are various waterfront symbol spaces and wharfs and the illumination of embankments and bridges along “water circuit” of rivers that flow around the city. IFSA2019 prepares a boat tour which will take you from the conference site to the banquet site via “Douton bori” which is one of the famous Osaka-symbol place. It takes about an hour half. IFSA2019 local organizer invite all of your participation.

The conference dinner will be held at La Fete Hiramatsu, restaurant located near from the conference site. It is located 37 floor of the building.
Date, time 26th (thur), Sep, 2019, 18:00~
Location: Nakanoshima Festival Tower, 37F
10 minute walk from the conference site.

(2019/05/09 3:14 PM)