Eleventh International Conference of Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications (IFSA2019)

Chiyoe Yamanaka Award

Winners in IFSA2019

Adrianna Marie Angulo (University of Michigan ), "Resolving Fine-Scale Structures of Late-Time Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Growth on the National Ignition Facility ".

Varchas Gopalaswamy (University of Rochester ), "Statistically Guided Design of Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments ".
Hang Li  (Laser Fusion Research Center, China Academy of Engineering Physics ), "A Novel Three-Axis Cylindrical Hohlraum Designed for Inertial Confinement Fusion".

Matthew Khan (University of York ), "Diagnosing Hot Electrons in the Shock Ignition Regime".

Kazuki Matsuo (Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University), "Experimental Study for Characterizing the Effect of a Strong Magnetic Field to Interfacial Instability ".

Jonathan Motye Wengrowicz (Soreq NRC), "High-Resolution X-Ray Imaging of High-intensity Sources"

Yamanaka Award Committee 

K. Mima [Chair]
R. Kodama
B. Hammel
D. Batani
S. Fujioka
Y. Li
S. Regan
N. Woolsey

This Award is Sponsored by IFE forum

The core day of your poster presentation is shown in the PDF file

The IFSA student prize, which was given in the past IFSAs, has been changed to the Yamanaka Award for young scientists including students according to discussions between co-chairs. The Yamanaka award is sponsored by IFE Forum, Japan. 


  1. Scientists within 5 years after getting Ph. D. and student can be self-nominated to this award in the presentation submission phase.

  2. All the nominated authors are requested to present their poster even if their papers are allocated to orals. Namely, some of the nominated authors must show both oral and poster in the IFSA conference.

  3. The special area will be prepared in the poster room. In this special area, the nominated authors must display their posters from Monday to Thursday. A core day for each poster, on which the authors must stand beside their posters during the poster session, is listed in the PDF file.

  4. The nomination will be canceled automatically if the nominated author does not appear the poster session at the core time.

  5. All regular member can recommend 3 candidates to the committee through a website.

  6. Yamanaka award committee member will select 6 winners with the consideration of the vote.

  7. The winners will be announced in the banquet.