Eleventh International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications, September 22-27, 2019


About us: The 11th International Conference on Inertial Fusion Sciences and Applications (IFSA 2019) will be held in Osaka, Japan, on September 22-27, 2019. The goal of IFSA2019 is to bring together scientists and engineers in the fields of inertial fusion sciences and high-energy-density physics, of their applications and of the all the required technologies.
IFSA2019 will be co-chaired by Ryosuke Kodama (Japan), John Edwards (USA), and Sylvie Jacquemot (France). The Organizing Chairs are Hiroyuki Shiraga (Japan), Sylvie Jacquemot (France), and Richard Town (USA). The Technical Program Committee will be co-chaired by Shinsuke Fujioka (Japan), Dimitri Batani (France), and Bruce Hammel (USA).

The scientific program will be built from invited talks, oral contributions and posters – presenting theoretical, computational and experimental results from facilities worldwide – on any of the topics listed on the webpage Program/Topics.


Conference Photo is available.

Osaka City Central Public Hall 

1-1-27Nakanoshima,Kita-ku,Osaka, JAPAN


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e-mail: ifsa2019 (atmark) ile.osaka-u.ac.jp

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Latest Announcement

There is a lost key case. If you lost it please come to the registration desk.
(Maybe Japanese participant's)

(2019/09/27 11:30 AM)

Proceedings of IFSA2019 conference will be published in a special issue of High Energy Density Physics (https://www.journals.elsevier.com/high-energy-density-physics). A special website will be open soon. Please remind that the deadline for manuscript submission is 25th December. We will announce you via e-mail when we are ready for receiving your manuscript.

(2019/09/27 11:17 AM)

Six Yamanaka Award Winners were announced during the banquet.

* Adrianna Marie Angulo, "Resolving Fine-Scale Structures of Late-Time Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Growth on the National Ignition Facility",
* Varchas Gopalaswamy, "Statistically Guided Design of Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Experiments",
* Matthew Khan, "Diagnosing Hot Electrons in the Shock Ignition Regime",
* Hang Li, A Novel Three-Axis Cylindrical Hohlraum Designed for Inertial Confinement Fusion",
*Kazuki Matsuo, "Experimental Study for Characterizing the Effect of a Strong Magnetic Field to Interfacial Instability",
* Jonathan Motye Wengrowicz, "High-Resolution X-Ray Imaging of High-intensity Sources".

We received 122 recommendations from participants. Committee member selected winners with the consideration of the vote result.

(2019/09/27 9:19 AM)

Final notice. The Yamanaka-award vote will be closed at 5pm today. If you don't have code, please come the check-in desk.

(2019/09/26 4:11 PM)

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