The 86th Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association

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Reconsidering the significance of coming to Japan to conduct research

Thu. Sep 8, 2022 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Venue2 (百周年記念館2F国際会議場)

企画(Representative Organizer):Xinhua Mao1, Tetsuo Sato2, Shinya Yamamoto3, Akihiko Ieshima4, .企画代表者(Organizer):JPA International Committee, 話題提供者(Speaker):Shinya Yamamoto3, Asako Miura4, Ruohan Wen4, 指定討論者(Discussant):Tetsuo Sato2, Akihiko Ieshima4, 司会者(Chair):Xinhua Mao1 (1.Kobe Gakuin University, 2.Sapporo International University, 3.Kyoto University, 4.Osaka University)



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