Joint Annual Meeting of 51st JSDB and 70th JSCB

Instruction for Presentations

Instruction for Presentations

Oral presentations
1.Computer for oral presentation
Presentation shall be given with your PC connected to a PC switcher next to the podium.
  • Make sure to bring any necessary electrical adaptors and connectors for your computer.
  • The meeting venue will provide a Mini D-sub15 pin and HDMI cable for connecting to PC switchers. Macintosh and certain kinds of Windows computers require an appropriate connector to fit a Mini D-sub15 pin or DCMI plug.
  • Electric power in Tokyo is provided at 100V, 50Hz.
  • The screen ratio is 4:3.
Just in case your computer does not work properly, some back-up computers (Windows) will be prepared. Please bring a memory storage device including your presentation file.

2. Presentation registration
Please come to your session room at 15 min prior to the beginning of the talk and connect your PC to a PC switcher.

3.Presentation time

Young Scientist Award for Presentation:
10 min for presentation and 5 min for discussion.
1BELL 8min 2 minutes to the end of presentation
2BELL 10min End of presentation- Start of discussion
3BELL 15min End of discussion

Workshop oral presentation:
10 min for presentation and 2 min for discussion.
1BELL 8min 2 minutes to the end of presentation
2BELL 10min End of presentation- Start of discussion
3BELL 12min End of discussion
Poster Presentations
  • Please leave a 210 mm x 150 mm blank space at the top left corner for the organizing committee to indicate your poster number.
  • Please stay (or stand) in the vicinity of your poster for explanation during your assigned discussion time.
  • Posting, presentation, discussion, removal
    • Please stand by your poster and respond to questions and discuss during the presentation and discussion time.
    • P1 posters (June 6(Wed)) are Poster Award candidate.
Date P1-001~174
(June 6(Wed))
(June 7(Thu))
(June 8(Fri))
Posting 8:30-9:00 8:30-9:00 8:30-9:00
Presentation&Discussion Odd Number 14:00-15:00 13:50-14:50 13:45-14:45
Even Number 15:00-16:00 14:50-15:50 14:45-15:45
Removal 19:00-19:15 18:40-18:55 15:45-16:00
Remove your poster by yourself when the poster exhibition time is over. The Secretariat will not keep nor return posters.
Poster Awards
Eligible participants are students who wish to be considered for the poster awards. Organizing committee members, and judges will vote. The award ceremony will be held during the reception on Day2 (June 7 (Thu)).

Poster Room 4-1 (4th Floor) №123
Poster Room 4-2 (4th Floor) №2446
Poster Room 1    (1st Floor) №47
Day 1 (June 6) Poster Room will be open from
8:30  to 19:30
Day 2 (June 7) Poster Room will be open from
8:30  to 19:00
Day 3 (June 8) Poster Room will be open from
8:30  to 16:00


Satellite Workshops (in Japanese)
Satellite Workshops: 発表10分、質疑応答2
1BELL 8分 発表時間終了
2BELL 10分 発表時間終了
3BELL 12分 討論時間終了
2. パソコンによるプレゼンテーションとなります。
パソコンとプロジェクターをつなぐD-sub15 ピンおよびHDMIのケーブルは大会で準備しますが、その他必要なコネクター類は各自でご準備ください。

3. 発表受付
セッション開始前に、必ずノートパソコンをプロジェクターに接続し、映写の確認を行っていただくので、セッション開始15分前までに、各会場内左手前方の「PC 受付席」にノートパソコンをご持参のうえ、お越しください。