Joint Annual Meeting of 51st JSDB and 70th JSCB

Information for Participants

Tower Hall Funabori
4-1-1 Funabori, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo 134-0091, Japan
Phone:+81-3-5676-2211 Fax:+81-3-5676-2501
(in Japanese)
Google map:

Tower Hall Funabori opens at 8:30 !

Official Language
English will be the official conference language, and no simultaneous translation will be provided.
The Satellite Workshop and NBRP Workshop (June 5) will be held in Japanese.
Advanced Registration is no longer available. Please register at the conference venue. (On-site registration is available throughout the conference period.)
Registration Fee (On-site) (JPY)
General JSDB/ISDB/APDBN members: JPY10,000  (early JPY8,000)
Student JSDB/ISDB/APDBN members:   JPY2,000  (early JPY0)
General Non-members:        JPY12,000  (early JPY10,000)
Student Non-members:             JPY2,000  (early JPY0)
*Registration includes access to all scientific sessions and exhibits.
*Students should provide the name and affiliation of their supervisor.
JSCB General Assembly (in Japanese)
June 7 (Thursday), 12:40-13:40, Room A
JSDB General Assembly (in Japanese)
June 7 (Thursday), 12:40-13:40, Room B
All payment must be made in Japanese yen, by credit card or by bank draft, payable to “ Joint Annual Meeting of 70th JSCB and 51st JSDB ”. Please send payment with the completed registration form to the secretariat. No checks or money orders will be accepted. All bank charges are to be borne by the remitter.
Name Tags
Name tags will be sent to advance registrants, or will be provided at the time of registration.
Participants are requested to wear their name tags at all times during the conference.
Exhibits by various companies and organizations are provided in Poster Room 1 (1F) and Poster Room 4-2 (4F). Exhibitors may ask you to take your name tag. Please cooperate.
Internet Access
WiFi is available in all floors. Login information will be posted at the reception desk (2F) and at each floor.
CSF Editorial Meeting
June 5 (Tue) 17:30-18:30
Conference Room 307 (Tower Hall Funabori 3F)
DGD Editorial Meeting & JSDB Board Meeting
June 5 (Tue) 11:00-17:00
Conference Room 407 (Tower Hall Funabori 4F)
June 7 (Thu) 19:00-21:00
Room E & F (Tower Hall Funabori 2F) . On-site registration of the reception party is accepted at the registration desk (2F).
Reception fee (On-site) (JPY)                                             
General JSDB/ISDB/APDBN members:JPY8,000  (early JPY7,000)
Student JSDB/ISDB/APDBN members:JPY4,000  (early JPY3,000)
General Non-members:                            JPY8,000  (early JPY7,000)
Student Non-members:                            JPY5,000  (early JPY4,000)

Tower Hall Funabori opens at 8:30 !

Registration Desk
Open Hour:
June 5 (Tue) June 6 (Wed) June 7 (Thu) June 8 (Fri)
11:00-18:00 8:30-18:00 8:30-18:00 8:30-18:00
Location: Tower Hall Funabori 2F
Cloakroom is available for your luggage. Please note that valuables and computers cannot be accepted. We are not responsible for any damage or loss at the cloakroom.
Open Hour:
June 5 (Tue) June 6 (Wed) June 7 (Thu) June 8 (Fri)
11:00-19:00 8:30-20:00 8:30-21:00 8:30-19:00
Location: Tower Hall Funabori 2F
“Eco Bag” sponsored by Olympus Corporation
Special “Eco” bag with original illustration will be distributed at the reception desk (2F) each day (June 6-8). Quantity of the bag is limited. Please make sure to get one for you!
Drink Service sponsored by Olympus Corporation
Coffee, juice and doughnuts will be served at the reception desk (2F).
Time Table:
June 6 (Wed) June 7 (Thu) June 8 (Fri)
15:00~ 10:00~
Drink only
15:00~ 10:00~
Drink only
Rest Area & Water Server (Free)
Poster Room 4-1 and 4-2 is available.
Photography / Recording
No photography and recording with camera, video, mobiles or any devise is allowed at the lecture, presentation and poster rooms.
Luncheon Seminars Schedule
  Date Time Room Sponsor
1 June 6 (Wed) 12:30~13:30 Room C Olympus Corporation
2     Room D CELLnTEC / Funakoshi
3     Room E JSCB & JSDB Gender-equal society
4     Room F WILEY
5 June 7 (Thu) 11:20~12:20 Room C Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited.
6     Room D Carl Zeiss Microscopy Co., Ltd.
7     Room E VectorBuilder Inc.
8     Room F Leica Microsystems K.K.
9 June 8 (Fri) 12:30~13:30 Room C JEOL Ltd.
10     Room D KLV Co.,Ltd.
12     Room F JSCB-JSDB Young Scientists Action committee
A limited number of free lunch boxes will be provided by sponsors.
Lunch tickets are distributed at the desk in Poster Room 1/Exhibition hall at 1F. At the time listed below.
Lunch Ticket distribution time
Luncheon Seminars for June 6 (Wed)
June 6 (Wed) 08:45~  
Luncheon Seminars for June 7 (Thu)
June 6 (Wed) 13:45~ June 7 (Thu) 8:45~
Luncheon Seminars for June 8 (Fri)
June 7 (Thu) 13:45~ June 8 (Fri) 8:45~
  • 整理券をお持ちの方は、ランチョンセミナー開始時間までに各セミナー会場にて昼食と引き換えてください。
  • セミナー開始時間を過ぎると、整理券は無効となり、整理券をお持ちでないセミナー参加者へ昼食を配布します。
JSCB & JSDB Gender-equal society とJSCB-JSDB Young Scientists Action committee は、チケットを配布しません。