Joint Annual Meeting of 51st JSDB and 70th JSCB

Dear all presenters and participants of the 2018 joint annual meeting of JSCB & JSDB,

We are pleased to announce the joint meeting have concluded successfully, having 1251 participants in total, out of which 96 were from abroad. Thank you very much for all of the excellent presentations and vibrant discussions. We are also thankful to the exhibitors for generous support for the meeting and for useful information on scientific products.

Best wishes,

Conference Chairs of the Joint Annual Meeting
Akihiro Harada (Osaka Univ.)
Shigeo Hayashi (RIKEN BDR)

=Young Scientist Award for Best Presentation=

[YSA-01] Insulin promotes tumorigenesis by abrogating cell competition
Yuya Sanaki (Kyoto University)

[YSA-03] Genetically-encoded fluorogenic RNA for imaging spatiotemporal mRNA dynamics at subcellular resolution
Tetsuro Ariyoshi (RIKEN BDR)

=Best Poster Presentation Award=

P1-027 Natsuki Shinoda (The University of Tokyo)
P1-095 Naoya Hino (Kyoto University)
P1-100 Shohei Ogamino (GunmaUniversity)
P1-104 Jupei Kuroda (OsakaUniversity)
P1-109 Yue Tong (The University of Tokyo)
P1-132 Harunobu Kametani (The University of Tokyo)
P1-155 Masayuki Oginuma (Harvard Medical School,Brigham and Women's Hospital)

Please note that participation fee is FREE for students with advanced registration (deadline April 19, 2018).
This special offer was made possible by kind support from JSDB and JSCB. Please encourage your students to participate!

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