FAQ (Updated Apr 25th)

as of March 26th, 2024

Dear friends and colleagues,

  We received some questions regarding the second circular and the information for traveling  to Japan.  Here are some FAQs and Answers. 
(Q1) When the second circular will come to me?

  We are planning to send it on the April 12th.  It will contain information on the  participation fee and the modality of registrations.  Please visit our official website for the latest information.
(Q2) Is there any official hotel for the conference?
 No.  We also do not recommend any particular hotel.  Please select an accommodation which has good access to Osaka University Nakanoshima Center (hereafter Nakanoshima Center) or the Osaka City Central Public Hall. Please visit our website for the exact location and make a reservation at an accommodation of your choice.
(Q3) I cannot read Japanese.  How could I find my way?
 No worries.  Most of the signs at airports and major public transportaion are indicated also in English.  Additionally, translation apps would help you to get around on your own!  Please consider using google translate or similar apps to help you with basic communications with local people or with understanding signs.
  In any case, you are advised to take your smartphone and PC (or tablet) with you to get information online.  The Nakanoshima Center is equipped with public WIFI facilities and Eduroam. However, SIM card purchased outside Japan usually does not work.  Please have global loaming, pocket wifi, or Japanese SIM card ready for your convenience. One of our staff member personally recommend an eSIM app called airalo.
(Q4) How can I get information about the trip to Japan?
  Visit and register your personal data for immigration and custom online at the Visit Japan Web for smooth entry to Japan.
 For more information, please visit our website and plan your trip!
  Some sites as follows are as useful.
Discover Osaka JAPAN (
Travel Japan - Japan National Tourism Organization (Official Site)
(Q5) How much is 66,000 yen in USD, EUR or other currency?
We can not give you an answer as foreign exchange rates are keep changing while rates can be different with comission.
For your indication purpose, here is Google exchange page.

Your questions are most welcomed! We will constantly update the FAQs for you.
(Organizing Team SIHDA 2024)