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On your first arrival

Upon your flight or, in a rare case, boat arrival into Japan, irrespective of your landing point, you must undergo specific processes.

1. Quarantine and immigration procedures:
If you registered on Visit Japan Web, log in and prepare your QR code (yellow line on top) for e-Gates, this significantly expedites the process.
Alternatively, hand the filled-out white form (Disembarkation card, completed before your ship/aircraft arrival in Japan) to the officer.
2. Pick up your luggage:
 ALL your luggage must be picked up for Customs.

3. Custom Declaration procedures:
Once again, prepare your QR code for e-Gate, this time the Custom Declaration QR Code (blue line on top), or hand the Custom Declaration form (yellow form) to the officer.

When you exit the door from the airport control, you are officially in Japan! Yokoso (Welcome)!



Here are some useful links if you wish to exchange your currency to Japanese Yen, pick up a pre-paid SIM, or obtain a Japan Rail Pass (only if you have an exchange order/slip).

Kansai International Airport (KIX / Osaka)

(NB Osaka has another airport roughly two hours away, called Osaka Airport (伊丹 Itami), for Domestic flights only)   


Narita International Airport (NRT/ Tokyo)

  • Currency Exchange


Haneda International Airport (HND/ Tokyo)

  • SIM Cards/Wifi Router Rental (Reservation Recommended)
  • Currency Exchange...see List of Places
  • Japan Rail Pass (Exchange only)...
Terminal 2 ... Tourist Information (Welcome Center)
Terminal 3 (Monorail Station)...JR EAST Travel Service Center-Haneda
  • Connecting Flights to Domestic
JAL,Japan Transocean Air(JTA), Star Flyer(SFJ) and Skymark(SKY) ... Go to Terminal 1
ANA (NH or ANA), Air DO (ADO), Solaseed Air (SNJ) ...Go to Terminal 2 (some international flights arrive at Terminal 2)


Fukuoka International Airport (FUK/ Fukuoka)
above URL does not linked to English pages, to avoid confusion, Japan WiFi(XCOM Global) service counter is also operating as イモトのWiFi (Imoto no WiFi) 



Getting Around Japan

If you plan to extend your stay beyond the SIHDA 2024 conference period, it's a fantastic opportunity to explore the many incredible places throughout the country. Visit the Travel Japan - Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) for valuable information on places to visit beyond Osaka.

Our committee members personally recommend various locations, and we'll be updating this space with more information. Stay tuned!


SIHDA 2024 kicks off with the opening session at Osaka Shi Chuo-Kokaido (Osaka City Central Public Hall) in Nakanoshima on September 23rd.
The session venue from September 24th to 27th is set at  Osaka University Nakanoshima Center.

A range of accommodations, from five-star to budget hotels, is available. While SIHDA 2024 does not have an official hotel, staying close to the venue is convenient.

Click "view larger map" below google map for accommodations, select check-in/check-out date for the availability, remember to make a reservation early enough to secure better selection.


Other Useful Information


Google as Translator ...
Open search window and tap on "picture" icon() next to mic icon, you will be directed to a camera, choose "translate" from menu and pretend to take a picture of what you want to translate.  If you are iPhone you might need to download google app. You can also choose mic icon to speak and translate into another language of your choice.

Travel Japan app...

A popular app with quite useful information, maps and planning tools.

Google Play or iPhone app store

If you use an elevator and the control panel indicates 1F...
Is it Ground Floor or 1st Floor…?
In Japan, 1F in elevator means ground floor.