Planning before travel

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Planning Before Travel

Check MOFA website to determine whether you need to apply for a visa to enter Japan, depending on your passport.(e.g. Russia, China, and some other countries).
 If this applies to you, please ensure that you start the procedure well in advance, as we  have heard of cases taking a long time to process. If you decide to come, please contact us as soon as possible, and we will be happy to provide an invitation letter.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs website


SIHDA will take place from September 23rd  to 28th, 2024, during early Autumn, often described as "transitional season", when the intense heat and humidity would gradually disappear. While there may still be some hot days, temperature are expected to range between 20 degrees Celsius/68 degrees Fahrenheit and 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit.



Japanese(日本語 Nihongo) serves as the official language of Japan, featuring various dialects, with the Tokyo dialect recognized as Standard Japanese (標準語 Hyo-Jun Go). Dialects further branch into distinct local areas (often with additional smaller variations).

Although most of the Japanese people learn English during their school years, many feel uncomfortable in speaking the language; however, they generally make an effort, especially in Osaka!
Road and street signs commonly feature both English and Japanese.


Japanese YEN(JPY)is usually the only currency any store accepts.
Notes are: 10,000yen, 5,000yen, 1000yen and rarely seen 2000yen
(you can only see 2000yen notes in Okinawa area)
Coins are: 500yen, 100yen, 50yen, 10yen, 5yen and 1yen.

Credit Cards: While credit cards are often accepted, not all stores do so.
Look for signs indicating credit card acceptance; if absent, feel free to inquire.

Other electric money: Over the past decade, numerous e-money options have emerged. If choosing one, railway e-money like suica  (East Japan Railway) is widely accepted and convenient, although other options are available.


While tipping is not mandatory, it is occasionally appreciated for exceptional service that exceeds your expectations. In such cases, it is advisable to communicate your intention to tip, as the absence of acknowledgement might lead the service provider to assume you forgot to collect changes or consider it lost property. 


JST(Japanese Standard Time) is 9 hours ahead of GMT

Business Hours may vary, kindly consult the JNTO Tourism Website for
Accurate information.


Japan operates on a voltage of 100 volts, with 50 Hertz in eastern Japan (including Tokyo, Saitama through Hokkaido) and 60 Hertz in western Japan including Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka).

Plags : Japanese plug type is A



Most airports provide free Wi-Fi services. Three-star hotels typically offer in-room Wi-Fi (though it's advisable to confirm before reserving).

However, in downtown areas, accessing Wi-Fi while on the move might be challenging. If staying connected is crucial, consider eSIM app such as airalo or other eSIM app, renting a Pocket Wi-Fi or Travel Sim (ensure the safety of your main SIM).

FYI: Eduroam is accessible at the Nakanoshima Center (session venue) from September 24th to September 27th.


It is absolutely safe to consume tap water! (If you prefer bottled water, it's available at vending machines or any supermarket.)


For an extended stay and travel within Japan, consider the ANA Discover Japan Fare or JAL Explorer Pass,  exclusively available for purchase outside Japan. Secure your reservation through their website or external travel agents.

Alternatively, if you plan to explore Japan using the Japan Railway, including Shinkansen (excluding Nozomi and Mizuho with an additional fee ), you can purchase the Japan Rail Pass online or at designated sales offices outside Japan. Upon arrival, visit a JR Pass exchange office to convert your order slip into the actual Japan Rail Pass.

Explore options on the Japan Rail Pass website (available in English, French, Germen).
Japan Rail Pass Website(EN) (FR)(DE)


In urban cities like Tokyo and Osaka, various accommodation options, typically Western-style, are readily available. In rural areas or scenic sites, traditional Japanese-style lodgings such as Ryokan or Minshuku, featuring rooms with tatami floors, offer a unique experience.

Accommodation Type(JNTO website)

Due to the uplift of COVID-19 restrictions, the tourism industry has seen increased demand, leading to accommodations being swiftly booked, especially by overseas travelers. If there's a particular lodging you wish to secure, we highly recommend booking in advance.

Japan Map
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Before Arrival into Japan

Register your information at Visit Japan Web | Digital Agency Services, this will save your processing time at Immigration/ Custom/ Quarantine.

Information about Natural Desasters and Earthquakes:

While we don't intend to cause alarm, it's prudent to be aware that Japan does experience typhoons. In the unlikely event, here are some helpful URLs:

Safe Travel Information | Travel Japan(Japan National Tourism Organization)

Disaster Prevention Portal (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

NHK World News (If you ever feel ground shake, check this site or Japan Meteorological Agency, you will see the information right away)