(NEW) Restaurant List for Sep. 26th., reservation available until June 30th.

Restaurat List for Sep. 26th and reservation form

On Sep.26th(*), when no official social events are scheduled in the evening, we would like to invite you to culinary adventure in Fukushima-area (NOT Fukushima-Pref. in Eastern Japan), Osaka, one of the hottest gourmet neighborhoods in Japan.
 From star restaurants to casual standing bars, from freshly fried TEMPURA to WAGYU beef, SUSHI and SASHIMI, even the Western food is not the same as in Europe, because innovative chefs are very serious about selecting local ingredients.

Most of the listed restaurants etc. are the places that the organizing team has tried and recommends.  There are many more interesting spots to explore when you arrive. Whereas, if you want to dine at one of the high-demand restaurants, now is the time to book.
Please check the list and map below and ask us for reservation through Forms by June 30th.

(*) Please note that the dinner on Sep. 26th is NOT included in the registration fee.
Happy planning!

Restaurant List

Reservation Request Form...reservation available until June 30th.

from SIHDA 2024 Organizing Team