Getting around Nara

General Information of Local Buses:

Nara Kotsu serves the local bus services in Nara area. Refer to the following link for the general information.

Nara Kotsu (in English).


Real-time Tracking System of Local Buses:
A real-time tracking system of local buses in Nara area is available in English.

Nara Bus Navi Web (Nara Kotsu).

How to get to the venue from railway stations:
To get to the venue from railway Stations, take the Route 2 bus and get off at the N-6 (Himuro-jinja/Kokuritsu-hakubutsukan) or N-7 (Todaiji-daibutsuden/Kasugataisha-mae) bus stop, 
or take the Route 77 or 97 bus and get off at "Todaiji Daibutsuden" or "Nara Kasugano International Forum Iraka-mae" bus stop.

Bus Stops to Conference Venue:

Walking route from the stations to the venue:
It takes about 20~30 minutes to walk from the railway stations to the venue.

ICOCA and Suica (Prepaid IC Card for Public Transportation): 
Prepaid IC cards (aka smart/chip cards) available from JR/Private Rail companies are the best way to pay for trains and buses. You no longer need to prepare the exact fare amount by small changes every time you get a ride. Convenience stores, major supermarkets, and many other retailers and restaurants also accept these prepaid IC cards. You can top-up your IC cards up to 20000 yen at convenience stores, major supermarkets, ticketing machines at railway stations, and some ATMs. 
We recommend you buy any IC cards at the airport or major train stations if you use local buses and trains in Japan. JR West and Kintetsu sell ICOCA cards in the Kansai area, and JR East and major railway companies around Tokyo sell Suica or PASMO in the Tokyo area. Refer to the following URLs for more information. 

ICOCA (sold in JR West area, including Kansai Airport Station)

Welcome Suica (Suica for short foreign visitors sold in JR East area, including Haneda Airport and Narita Airport)

PASMO (sold at stations of private rail companies in Tokyo area including Haneda Airport and Narita Airport))

Users of iPhone 7 or later or some Android smartphones can use their smartphones as prepaid IC cards by installing appropriate apps. You don't have to queue to buy the prepaid card. You can top-up your prepaid IC cards with ApplePay or your credit cards anytime.

Use Suica or ICOCA cards on iPhone or Apple Watch in Japan
mobile Suica for android
mobile ICOCA for android

Special Notice on Reroute of Local Buses on 12th Novmember:
On the weekends and national holidays through the end of November, rerouting of Line 77/78 buses, which usually stops at "Nara Kasugano Forum Iraka Mae (the closest bus stop for the conference site)," is planned. 
So those who join the welcome reception at the conference site on 12th November should pay attention. On 12th November, the destination of Line 77 and the departure point of Line 78 will be changed to "Todaiji Daibutsuden - Kasuga Taisha Mae (Todaiji Temple & Kasuga Shrine)," and you have to get off at this bus stop and take a six minints walk for the conference site (see the picture below). 
During the conference period after the 13th, Line 77/78 buses will be operated as usual and stop at "Nara Kasugano Forum Iraka Mae (the closest bus stop for the conference site)."