Support for Young Scientists

The following support will be provided for young participants.
If you are the supervisor of young scientists in your lab., please notify them.
 (The application has been closed.)
Details of Support
1. Support for students from overseas
The following room will be provided for up to five young participants.  
     Room: Single room, no meals
     Check-in: Nov. 12
     Check-out: Nov. 18
2. Support for students from Japan
The registration fee will be waived for several young participants from Japan. 
How to Apply
 (The application has been closed.)
For the application of the support for accommodation and exemption from the registration fee, please send the application form in pdf format with the signature of your supervisor to the secretariat of HYPERFINE 2023.
If there are many applicants, they will be chosen by random selection. The results will be notified by e-mail by the end of August.
The results has been notified to all applicants on September 1st.
Applicants who have not yet received the result should contact the secretariat.