Young Presenter’s Award

Young Presenter's Award Winners

Oral award
  O-28 Pedro Sousa (University of Porto, Portugal)
  O-19 Takato Sugisaki (Osaka University, Japan)

Poster award
  P-58 Hannes Gürlich (CERN, Germany)
  P-65 Ryo Taguchi (Osaka University, Japan)
  P-100 Azumi Ishita (The University of Electro-Communications, Japan)

All the students and postdocs who are going to present their contribution paper via oral or poster presentations are encouraged to apply for the awards as follows. It is noted that the entry is not automatic; you need to apply for it.

Applicants:  Students and Postdocs, self-nomination
Winners:  2 for Oral,  2 for Poster 
               (both announced at the closing session)
Selection:  Oral:    Selection Committee
                 Poster: Votes (all the on-site participants) + Committee
Award:  Certificate and additional prize
Due date:  31 Oct., 2023
Application:  Google form is as was announced.
       (If connection not successful, email to our secretariat.)