Travel to Nara

     Nara-city, the prefectural capital in the northern part of Nara Prefecture, has reasonably good access by commuter trains from Osaka and Kyoto. Most overseas visitors arrive at major international airports in Japan, Haneda/Narita in Tokyo, or Kansai in Osaka.

      For visitors arriving at Haneda/Narita airports, the easiest and most convenient way to reach Nara-city is to take Shinkansen (6~8 trains per hour) and transfer to commuter trains at Kyoto. You may have an advantage to use discount tickets for Shinkansen, but please pay attention to its validity as most discounted tickets are not valid for the fastest and most frequent type of Shinkansen ("Nozomi").

For participants who would like to use Japan Rail Pass:
As of 14 April 2023, JR group has announced the changes of Japan Rail Pass around October 2023 including huge price rise (for now, the announce from JR group is only available in Japanese). Details of changes are not available at the moment, please always consult your local travel agencies or Japan Rail Pass website for most updated information. 


(Updated on 2nd October 2023) JR Group started selling the renewed Japan Rail Pass. Details are available on the website of renewed Japan Rail Pass.

      Alternatively, at Haneda airport, you may transfer to a domestic flight to Itami/Kansai airports to get to Nara-city. There are flights almost every 30 mins for Itami airport and every 1~2 hour for Kansai airport. Upon arrival at Itami/Kansai airports, you can get to Nara-city with the convenient network of commuter trains and highway buses in the Osaka area.

      Once you have arrived at Nara-city, please refer the detailed information available from the Nara Kasugano International Forum IRAKA to get to the conference venue.