Poster Presentation Guideline

The posters will be on display in Reception Halls 2, during two sessions:
            Tuesday, 14 November 2023, 15:40 to 17:40 (P-1 ~ P-56)
            Thursday, 16 November 2023, 14:20 to 16:20 (P-57 ~ P-114)
  1. Poster panel size
900W x 2100H .
Thumbtacks will be provided; No adhesive tape please.
  1. Check your presentation date, which depends on your poster number (example: P-56).
Display your poster at your P-number. The poster list is on the program page.
  1. Mount timings are as follows.
Nov. 14 (Tue): Nov. 14 (Tue) morning break (10:45)
                             ~ next day Nov. 15 (Wed) morning break (10:45) 
Nov. 16 (Thu): Previous day Nov. 15 (Wed) morning break (10:45)
                             ~ session end (remove immediately)

  1. All posters will be included in the proceedings.
For manuscript submission, please refer to the proceedings page (due on Feb. 1, 2024 at the latest).
  1. There also are online poster presentations.
Poster panels are prepared also for online posters.

--------Important Announcement ------------
  1. Advertise your poster! (Not mandatory).
More than 100 posters will be presented at the two poster sessions. It is actually a major event.
Prior to the presentation, we offer you a chance to promote your poster on a voluntary basis. Upload an attractive material (not necessarily the poster itself) to the designated google drive folder, so that the participants can browse. It should be just one file of 10 MB or less. Any time, you can upload, modify, or delete. Your file name should be with your P-number for identification, followed by your best selected attractive name (Example: P-113 Matsuta How to Eliminate Geomagnetic Field for NMR Studies.pdf). We invite all the participants to the share folder. The URL of the folder is as was announced separately via an email, or you can reach through your google account. It is for registered participants use only. Do not distribute the URL. This folder will be closed after the conference period.
The content style is free, you can omit confidential details and leave them for your presentation.