The 34th JASID Annual Conference

General Information of the 34th JASID Annual Conference

This year's annual conference will be held from November 11th (Saturday) to 12th (Sunday) at Sophia University's Yotsuya Campus.

1. Theme

The theme of the conference is "Solidarity and Co-creation in Complex Crisis."

In recent years, the widening wealth gap and the rise of authoritarianism and violent extremism, along with the retreat of democracy and the shrinking of civic spaces influenced by these factors, have had an impact on international development cooperation. Furthermore, unprecedented difficulties have arisen one after another, such as the spread of the new coronavirus infection since 2020, the military invasion of neighboring countries by Russia, a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, and the resulting global food crisis. Natural disasters have also occurred in countries and regions experiencing political crises, such as Myanmar and Syria. These issues are intertwined in a complex manner, worsening the situation and further exacerbating the difficulties faced by vulnerable populations. In the face of these complex crises, how can international development cooperation address them?
At this conference, we will discuss how diverse actors can develop "solidarity" and "co-create" new values to tackle common challenges in complex crises. Considering the scale and complexity of the challenges, solidarity and collaboration among actors are essential. The expectation is to collectively generate (co-create) innovative solutions. On the other hand, there are also barriers in this process. How can actors from different positions create common understanding about what needs to be done beyond their interests? How can actors with different missions and organizational cultures, such as aid providers and recipients, states and civil society, government, private sector, academia, central government and local authorities, grassroots organizations, cooperate effectively? Do we continue "business as usual"? We  look forward to our active discussion on these questions.

2. Dates
November 11(Sat) - 12(Sun), 2023

3. Meeting format

This conference will primarily be held in-person.
*The plenary session is planned to be a high-flex format with in-person and simultaneous broadcasts.
*One of the parallel sessions
is planned to be conducted entirely online.

4. Participation fee
Regular member: 5,000 yen (Early bird registration fee: 4,500 yen)
Student member: 2,500 yen (Early bird registration fee: 2,000 yen)
Non-member (general): 6,000 yen (Early bird registration fee: 5,500 yen)
Non-member (student): 3,000 yen (Early bird registration fee: 2,500 yen)

5. Important dates
June 30: Deadline for presenters to apply for conference membership
July 5: Call for presentations open
August 5: Submission deadline for presentation application
August 31: Acceptance announcement
Early September: Registration open
Late September: Submission deadline of manuscripts for conference proceedings


6. Gatherings

A social gathering is planned for the first day of the conference (11th). Please participate as it will be a long-awaited event.

7. Venue
Sophia University Yotsuya Campus 
7-1, Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

*Access map to the venue
*Campus map
*Accessibility Map

*Google map

8. The 34th JASID Annual Conference Organizing Committee
Conference Executive Chair: Taro Komatsu (Sophia University)
Secretariat Director (Overall Coordination): Masako Tanaka (Sophia University)
Committee Member (Online): Naoya Abe (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Committee Member (Venue Operation): Erina Iwasaki (Sophia University)
Committee Member (Venue Operation): Naoki Umemiya (Sophia University)
Committee Member (Finance): Nahoko Okamoto (Sophia University)
Committee Member (Program): Takayo Ogisu (Sophia University)
Committee Member (Venue Operation): Mami Kanazawa (Sophia University)
Committee Member (Conference Website): Masamitsu Kurata and Chiemi Kurokawa (Sophia University)
Committee Member (Public Relations): Mikiko Sugiura (Sophia University)
Committee Member (Plenary Session): Mikako Toda (Sophia University)
Committee Member (Plenary Session): Akihito Hayashi (Sophia University)

Committee Member (Public Relations): Eri Yamazaki (Sophia University)
Committee Support: Taymour Bouran (Sophia University Graduate Student)
Committee Support: Van Nguyen (Sophia University Graduate Student)
Committee Support: Tomoko Nakajima (Sophia University Graduate Student)