The 34th JASID Annual Conference

Instructions for presentations

The conference will be held mainly on-site, but some sessions will be conducted online using Zoom. We ask all presenters to cooperate in ensuring information accessibility. Please read the information from here and prepare presentation materials accordingly.

On-site session
  • Each session will have multiple presenters, two commentators, and a chair. In principle, an oral presentation is 20 minutes, followed by 5 minute-remarks by a commentator, and the remaining time is spent on questions and discussion.
  • Announcements regarding the remaining time: For presenters: "10 minutes remaining," "3 minutes remaining," "Please finish your presentation," and for commentators: "3 minutes remaining," "Please finish your presentation."
  • Presentation slides: Presenters and commentators will bring their presentation slides in a USB, etc., and present them on a screen using a computer provided at the venue. 
  • Feel free to change the classroom layout as needed, but please restore it to its original one after the session. You can check the layout of each classroom here (there is also a link on the conference website).

Online session
  • The session format is the same as an on-site session. The Zoom links and password are written in the "Conference Program."
  • Please do not share the Zoom ID and password with anyone outside the conference.
  • Presenters, commentators, and chairs: Please join the session by clicking the Zoom link assigned to each session 10 minutes before the session begins. After you enter the session, please change your name in Zoom (specify your name and affiliation). 
  • Chairs: Please confirm the time allocation and timekeeping (※) with the student staff (indicated as "Conference Organizing Committee" on their names) before the session. If any issues arise during the session, please consult with the organizing committee member present in all online sessions (Professor Naoya Abe).
  • ※ Time reminders are as follows: Presenter: “10 minutes remaining,” “3 minutes remaining,” “please finish”; Commentator: “3 minutes remaining,” “please finish.” Announcements will be made orally by the student staff.
  • Presentation slides: Presenters and commentators may use slides. They can share their slides with the audience on the day through links or other means.
  • Participating Viewers: Please enter a Zoom session room via the Zoom link. Please display your name and affiliation. When entering, mute your microphone and turn off your video.
  • For those joining the online session from the event venue, please use room 409 on the 4th floor of Kioi-Saka Building. Be sure to bring your own device and headset.
  • Note: Please use the Zoom link for your own use and refrain from sharing it with others or publicizing it on social networking sites. Please do not record your own sessions or redistribute or copy any papers or materials without permission from the authors or the 34th JASID Annual Conference Organizing Committee. 

Poster Session
  • The venue is the 5th-floor student cafeteria in Building 2. The social gathering will also be held in the same venue.
  • Setup time is from 9:00 to 9:30 on Saturday, October 11. You can complete your registration at the cafeteria from 9:00. 
  • The poster presentation time is from 9:30 to 13:00, including “core time” (11:45 to 12:45). During the core time, please be present at the venue and ready to communicate with the visitors. We expect morning session participants to come to the poster session at this time. Please also be present at other times as much as possible (it's fine to take breaks and leave the venue as needed). Posters will be on display all day on the 11th, so participants can view them during the social gathering from 18:30 to 20:30 as well.
  • After the social gathering, please remove the posters by yourself. Posters that are not removed will be taken away by the organizing committee. The venue will not be used on the 12th (Sunday), so poster displays are only on the 11th.
  • The panel size is 170 cm in height and 110 cm in width. Masking tape for attaching posters will be provided by the organizing committee. Thumbtacks cannot be used. Posters should be displayed in order of the entry number in the designated locations.