The 34th JASID Annual Conference

Presentation Registration

Registration for Presentations

We are accepting applications for (1) Oral presentation, (2) Poster presentation, and (3) Planning session / Round table session. We look forward to receiving a wide range of applications.

Please check the following "How to submit abstracts" carefully before submitting your abstract during the registration period.

Application period: July 5 (Wed.) - August 5 (Sat.), 2023

Presentation format and eligibility: 

(1) Oral presentation  

A JASID member can propose and deliver a presentation orally, either as an individual or as a group. Co-researchers, whether presenting or not, should preferably be members of the Society. The presentation duration is 20 minutes.

(2) Poster presentation
A JASID member can share research findings in a poster format, either as an individual or as a group. The presenter can interact with the audience in a more free style than a formal oral presentation. The poster will be displayed in a location and time allocated by the conference organizer. 
The poster will be evaluated on the first day of the conference by "face-to-face presentation" at the venue. Please note that the evaluation using PowerPoint presentations, which was conducted in the past online conferences, will not be conducted this time. 
(3) Special Sessions and Roundtables

・A JASID member can propose and organize a “special session” which consists of multiple presentations on a specific theme. One chairperson and two commentators are to be proposed. Non-JASID members can present, provided they can make important contributions to the session.  The session duration is two hours. When applying, the organizer is requested to submit a session abstract and those of each individual presentation.

・A JASID member can propose and organize a “roundtable” which is characterized by active discussion among presenters and attendees on a specific topic. Non-JASID members can present, provided they can make important contributions to the roundtable. The session duration is two hours. When applying, the organizer is requested to submit an abstract of the proposed roundtable. Submission of individual presentation abstracts is optional.

Application for presentation: 
The following members are eligible to apply for presentation.
(1) Current members: As of 5 August, the last day of the presentation application period, the payment of the annual membership fee up to the year 2023 must be shown as "paid" in SMOOSY.
(2) New members: have completed their membership application by 30 June 2023 (Friday). Payment of annual membership fees up to and including FY2023 must be shown as 'paid' in SMOOSY as of 5 August, the end of the presentation application period.

Where to apply for presentation: 
Presentation applications must be submitted online via the 'Presentation Application URL' below.
If you have already registered for the 2022 Annual Conference or the 2023 Spring Conference, you already have an account.
Please use the email address you use to log in to the conference's My Page as your registration address. This site is linked to the membership information on the conference's My Page, so by registering with the same email address, you will not need to provide information such as your name and affiliation when you register.
If you wish to present your presentation in an online session, please select "Online presentation" when asked at the time of application.

Presentation Application URL:

Format of the conference: 
The 34th National Conference will be held face-to-face, following the Spring Conference, and will not be held in a hybrid format.
One of the parallel sessions will be held fully online for the entire day. It will be possible to participate in this session online from a distance.
If you wish to participate in the online sessions at the Congress, you will need to log in from your own computer or tablet.

How to submit abstracts
(1) Oral and Poster Presentations

Abstracts must be submitted directly in the "Abstract Submission" section of the "Application Information" page on the application site and must be within the specified number of words (200-300 English words). 
We have prepared an abstract format (*) for you to use in preparing your application in advance. We hope you will use it to copy and paste the abstract section when you submit your abstract.
*Conference-related documents folder (where the designated abstract format is stored)
(2) Special Sessions and Round Tables
For special sessions and round tables, please submit "abstracts for the entire project" as described above. For each presenter's abstract, please use the abstract format (for oral and poster presentations) in the folder above. Then, please combine the abstracts of all presenters into one PDF file and upload it on the "Upload Attachments" page of the registration site.
Students are required to submit a letter of recommendation (any format) from their academic advisor regardless of the presentation format. Upload it on the "Uploading of the supplementary materials" page on the next page of the abstract submission.

Schedule after application
Notification of review results
The results of the review presentations will be reviewed by the Conference Program Committee and will be notified by August 31.

Conference Registration

Registration for the conference has started on 4 September.
The Congress registration fee can only be paid by credit card.
Printed copies of the conference proceedings will not be distributed. Only those who have paid the registration fee will be able to obtain the Proceedings online in advance.

・Deadline for presentation applications: 5 August (Saturday) (strictly enforced)
・Notification of acceptance/rejection results: 31 Aug (Thursday)
・Registration opens: 4 September
・Deadline for submission of report papers: 30 September

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Taro Komatsu (Sophia University),
Chair, The 34th JASID Annual Conference Organising Committee