The 34th JASID Annual Conference

About the conference day


You can use Eduroam to connect to WiFi. If you wish to use the campus WiFi, select "sophiawifi2019." Initial setup using a guest account and password is required when connecting (Please select the manual from here to check the setup instructions (the setup process is somewhat complex, so if possible, we recommend using Eduroam). You can find the guest account and password in the conference program (PDF). Please refrain from using the guest account for purposes other than the participation in the conference.

If you are participating in online sessions from the conference venue, you can use room 409 on the 4th floor of the Kioizaka Building (conference building). Please bring your own device and headset.

Reasonable accommodations

We ask all presenters at this conference to cooperate in ensuring information accessibility. Please read the information from here and prepare presentation materials accordingly.

All conference attendees who need reasonable accommodations are encouraged to fill out the form by October 10th (Tuesday).

Infection control measures

With the exception of the plenary and some individual presentation sessions, this conference will be held in-person. The conference organizing committee will implement the following infection control measures. We request your cooperation to ensure the safety of all conference participants.

[For all participants]

Please check your health conditions before coming to the conference site. If you have a fever (above 37.5 degrees Celsius) or are feeling unwell, please refrain from attending in-person, regardless of whether you have tested positive or negative for infections.

Plenary sessions will be conducted both in-person and online. Due to limitations related to the venues’ Wi-Fi availability and facilities, we cannot provide online access for the other sessions. We have set up a limited number of sessions exclusively online. If attending in-person is difficult for you, please participate in these sessions.

[For in-person presenters]

If you are unable to attend due to health issues, please notify the conference secretariat ( You cannot switch to an online presentation. You cannot also present a video-recorded presentation since it does not allow for real-time Q&A.

[For commentators

If you are unable to attend due to health issues, please notify the conference secretariat ( and also inform the session chairperson. If you have prepared comments in writing in advance, please send them to the chairperson. If you have planned to provide oral comments only, please consult with the chairperson to find a solution, such as asking the chairperson to provide comments instead.

[For Chairperson]

If you are unable to attend due to health issues, please notify the conference secretariat ( and consult with the session commentators to find a solution, such as asking a commentator to assume the role of a chair.

On-Site Measures:

Hand sanitizers will be available at various locations, and regular ventilation of lecture rooms will be conducted. Disinfectant for microphones in each classroom will also be provided.

The decision to wear masks will be left to the discretion of individual attendees.

The social gathering will not be buffet-style but will involve individually packaged servings.

Lunch venue

Please use the basement of Building No.11 for lunch during the conference. The shop inside the lounge will not be open, so please bring your own lunch box. Additionally, there are restaurants near Yotsuya Station where you can have meals, so please feel free to use them.

Please help by separating your waste. Trash cans are located next to the toilets on the first floor and basement floor of the Kioi-saka Building.
(Yotsuya Lunch Map)


Childcare Facilities Utilization

A daycare nursery room will be available for preschoolers at the conference site. Its per-hour cost will be JPY 500 for non-students and JPY 300 for students. Please read the details and send the application by October 10th 31st (Tuesday).

Coin lockers

If you have a suitcase or a big language, please use the coin lockers at the Yotsuya station

Book Sales

On the second day of the conference, Sunday, the 12th, book sales will take place in the basement lounge of Building 11 (rest area) from 9:00 to 17:00. You can purchase books, including those by society members, at discounted prices. Please come and visit.


  • November 1st, 2023:Dear JASID Members,
    The Gender and Development Research Group would like to inform you of an announcement.

    We are pleased to announce that a memorial message to Dr. Yumiko Tanaka, the representative of this study group, who passed away suddenly on September 26, 2023, and a panel reviewing her achievements will be available at the poster session on November 11 (Sat.).

    Please pay a visit to the poster session room located on the 5th floor of Bldg. 2.
  • October 31st, 2023:A joint session by KAIDEC and JASID will be held on 12th morning. Please visit here for more details.