MMIJ & EARTH 2017, Sapporo

Opinion-exchange meeting for network development “MMIJ summer camp”

Since 2008, various human resource development programs (HRDPs) for many students in the field of mineral resource engineering such as “MMIJ summer camp” by Akita Univ., Japan, and “MMIJ summer camp” by MMIJ have been actively conducted. On the 3rd day of this conference, a special session called “The third networking of MMIJ summer camp” is being organized to introduce the activity of these HRDPs to many people working in this field. After this session, a meeting for exchanging opinions on how to cultivate and develop networks will be held to strengthen connections among young people in the community of mineral resource engineering and people working in this field. We look forward to your active participation. Any participants to this conference can join this event.
Date & Time: September 28(Thu) Evening
Place: Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido Univ.
Fee:Non-student 4,000 JPY;   Student 1,000 JPY
Registration: Onsite registration only. Please ask on the reception desk during the conference.