MMIJ & EARTH 2017, Sapporo

<Important reminders for all participants !!>
1. Early bird registration starts on May 17, and credit card payment is accepted via the website.
2. Seats are limited in the field trips, so reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.
  Field trip pre-registration will be on May 17 until May 31 (5 pm JST) via email only.
3. Registration and payment for 'the welcome party' and 'banquet' are separated from the registration fee.
  Don’t forget to register to these social gatherings as well.
4. The welcome party will be held on September 26 while the banquet will be on September 27.
5. Registration for the conference, including abstract and paper submissions, are all done online.
  Please refer to the linked files for details.
  General information of EARTH2017.pdf
  Detailed information of events of EARTH2017.pdf
  Presentation registration guidelines of EARTH2017.pdf
  Registration guidelines of EARTH2017.pdf

6. The conference will have both oral and poster sessions. Best poster awards will be given by the conference organizers,
  so please encourage your students to join.
7. September is a busy season in Sapporo, so book your flights and hotels as soon as possible!!

Latest Announcement

MMIJ office apologizes you the delay of distribution of your participation certificates for early bird registration unlike the schedule for the distribution notified.
The participation certificates for both early bird and advanced registration will be distributed to the applicants for participation sequentially by e-mail until September 15. If no participation certificate reaches you by the date, please let MMIJ office know.

(2017/08/16 4:39 PM)

The program of the meeting (2017/08/10 Ver.) is now available. As for this program, there is possibility of the change. Final version of the program will be informed you when releasing.

(2017/08/10 11:02 PM)

8月10日(木) ~ 9月11日(月) の間、“事前参加申込(通常・当日申込価格適用)”を受付いたします。
なお、8月9日(水) をもちまして、“早期事前参加申込(早期価格適用)”受付は終了いたしました。8/9までに入金が未完了の場合、“早期事前参加申込”内容は自動的に取り消されます。
Advanced conference registration (on-site registration fee applied) is accepted in the period from August 10 to September 11. For more details, see the page "Conference registration and payment".
Early bird conference registration (discount fee applied) was closed on August 9. If the payment has not been made before the closing time, the information on the early bird registration is automatically deleted.

(2017/08/10 9:34 AM)

“早期事前参加申込(早期価格適用)”受付は8月9日(水) 入金完了分迄となっており、この日までに入金が未完了の場合、“早期事前参加申込”内容は自動的に取り消されますので、ご注意ください。
8月10日(木) 以降は、通常事前参加申込(通常・当日申込価格適用)となります。
Early bird conference registration (discount fee applied) is now being accepted. Payment should be completed before August 9 (5:00 pm Japan time). If payment is not made before the closing time indicated above, registration information will be automatically deleted.
Advanced conference registration (on-site registration fee applied) will be accepted after August 10. For more details, see the page "Conference registration and payment".

(2017/08/03 11:22 AM)

The acceptance of the application for the field trips was finished at 17:00 on July 31 (local Japan time). Thank you for a number of applications.

(2017/07/31 5:18 PM)

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