MMIJ & EARTH 2017, Sapporo

<Important reminders for all participants !!>
1. Early bird registration starts on May 17, and credit card payment is accepted via the website.
2. Seats are limited in the field trips, so reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.
  Field trip pre-registration will be on May 17 until May 31 (5 pm JST) via email only.
3. Registration and payment for 'the welcome party' and 'banquet' are separated from the registration fee.
  Don’t forget to register to these social gatherings as well.
4. The welcome party will be held on September 26 while the banquet will be on September 27.
5. Registration for the conference, including abstract and paper submissions, are all done online.
  Please refer to the linked files for details.
  General information of EARTH2017.pdf
  Detailed information of events of EARTH2017.pdf
  Presentation registration guidelines of EARTH2017.pdf
  Registration guidelines of EARTH2017.pdf

6. The conference will have both oral and poster sessions. Best poster awards will be given by the conference organizers,
  so please encourage your students to join.
7. September is a busy season in Sapporo, so book your flights and hotels as soon as possible!!

Latest Announcement

見学会 第3班「環境・リサイクルコース」につきましては、申し込みが定員に達したため受付終了致しました。
The acceptance of the application for the field trip "Course 3: Environment and Recycling" was finished because the number of applications reached capacity .

(2017/06/20 9:50 AM)

9月29日開催の見学会 第3班「環境・リサイクルコース」の残席がわずかとなりました。
There became a few unsold seats of the field trip "Course 3: Environment and Recycling" on September 29. Probable candidates for participation in the course 3 should apply early because of a first-come-first-served basis.

(2017/05/31 2:22 PM)

Deadline of field trip application was extended until 17:00 on Monday, July 31. Earlier application is recommended because it is closed as soon as seats are occupied on each course on a first-come-first-served basis. For more details, see the page "Field trips".

(2017/05/30 11:41 AM)

申込締切は 5月31日(水)17時までとなりますが、定員に達し次第、受付終了(先着受付順)となりますので、お早目にお申込みください。詳細は【見学会について】ページをご確認ください。
Application of field trips began to be accepted from 10:00 am on May 17 on a first come, first serve basis. The deadline is May 31 (until 17:00 Japan time). Late registration will not be accepted because of limited seats. For more information see the page "Field trips".

(2017/05/18 5:59 PM)

5月17日(水) 正午より「一般,企画講演」および「ポスター発表(若手・一般・EARTH)」の講演登録ならびに「事前参加申込」受付を開始いたしました。
◎講演・発表登録締切: 2017年7月5日(水) 正午【※締切厳守】
講演・ポスター発表・事前参加申込をご予定の方は、本WEBサイト【「講演・ポスター発表登録」「原稿提出」「見学会申込」「大会参加申込」スケジュール】 のページをご確認の上、期間内に各々手続きをお取りくださるよう、お願いいたします。
The registration page for MMIJ general, special (including EARTH) and poster (MMIJ students and young researchers, MMIJ general, EARTH) presentations and also for conference attendance was opened at noon on May 17.
Application for all kinds of presentation: July 5, 2017 (until 12:00 noon Japan time)
Registration for conference atendance: August 9, 2017 for "Early bird" and September 11, 2017 for "Advanced" (Payment should be completed before 5 pm Japan time)
Note: Closing is automatic! If you cannot register online successfully, you can register on-site on the days of the conference.

(2017/05/17 12:27 PM)

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