MMIJ & EARTH 2017, Sapporo

Poster Presentation

Date & Time: Sept. 26 (Tue), 2017 (Presentation time: 15:30 ~ 17:30)

< Poster Presentation Room 1> Frontier research in applied sciences building at Fac. Eng., HU (MMIJ & EARTH)
< Poster Presentation Room 2> “N” Building at Fac. Eng., HU (MMIJ)

<About the poster presentation>
∙ Poster board size is 1800 mm (height) × 900 mm (width).
∙ Posters should be displayed at assigned positions in the room between 12:00 to 13:00 pm on Sept. 26 (Tue), 2017 (see map below).
∙ Pins or tapes for display are available in the venue.
∙ Poster presenters are required to stay next to their posters and explain it to interested individuals during the following time:
15:30 ~ 16:30 for presenters with poster IDs ending in ODD numbers
16:30 ~ 17:30 for presenters with poster IDs ending in EVEN numbers

<Poster award for MMIJ & EARTH>
∙ “MMIJ Young Poster Award for posters of MMIJ students and young researchers“ and “EARTH Poster Award for posters of EARTH” will be given to the best posters and presenters from “MMIJ” and “EARTH”, respectively. The results will be announced on the conference website and Twitter (Japanese-only), and at conference registration desk in the morning of Sep 27(Wed) , 2017.
∙ The awarding ceremony will be held during the Conference Banquet at ANA Hotel Sapporo on Sept. 27(Wed), 2017. Recipients of each award will be invited to the banquet free of charge, so they are requested to come to the Banquet reception desk by 17:40 on that day.

* Click on the map to view a high resolution image.