The Japan Society of Applied Physics

[D-1-04] OxRAM integration above FDSOI transistor drain: Integration approach and process impact on electrical characteristics

M. Barlas1, L. Grenouillet1, E. Vianello1, V. Delaye1, T. Dewolf1, G. Audoit1, N. Rambal1, S. Bernasconi1, C. Vizioz1, N. Posseme1, S. Barnola1, B. Bouix1, O. Pollet1, C. Comboroure2, N. Allouti1, P. Rodriguez1, V. Beugin1, V. Loup1, C. Tallaron2, S. Chevalliez2, R. Coquand1, C. Jahan1, S. Reboh1, A. Toffoli1, S. Barraud1, L. Brevard1, Y. Morand1, M. Vinet1, O. Faynot1, L. Perniola1 (1.CEA-LETI (France), 2.STMicroelectronics (France))

2017 International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials |Wed. Sep 20, 2017 2:40 PM - 3:00 PM |PDF Download